New Wide Collar Nail Plugs


New hammer nail plugs with extra-wide collar
At pgb-Europe we continue to innovate in order to provide you with the best anchors. When securing metal profiles, for example when mounting window brackets, the head of the standard hammer nail plug sometimes falls through the slot, resulting in an uncertain fixing. To solve this problem, pgb-Europe developed a plug with an extra wide collar: SM0PFK.
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The characteristics
Extra wide collar

The extra-wide collar of the SM0PFK nail plug has been specially designed for proper attachment of slotted holes. This makes them ideal for securing window brackets, but they can also be used perfectly for securing strap iron.
Long expansion zone
For optimal anchoring in concrete, stone, natural stone and quick building blocks, the plug has a long expansion zone. This ensures that the plug is firmly anchored in the quick-build brick.
Galvanised screw nail
The screw nail offers a double advantage. During assembly, you can easily install the nail plug with a hammer. You can also screw them in or unscrew them to make adjustments or to remove the plug.
Our other hammer nail plugs
At pgb-Europe we offer the most complete range of anchors possible. We are always looking to improve and expand our range. All nail plugs are developed and produced by pgb-Europe with only the highest quality requirements in mind. That's why most of our hammer nail plugs have an ETA approval, which gives you as a customer the certainty of a solid anchoring.
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