Pallets warehouse

pgb-Europe Pallets Warehouse

Reception of the containers

In our reception zone we daily receive and process more than 68 palettes, delivered by our suppliers. These goods are sorted and verified using the accompanying reception list. Following, the goods receive a scanning ticket in order to make them referable to the palettes warehouse or the Maestro system.

Reception of general cargo

Each day, we receive about 30 palettes with general cargo within the reception zone. These goods will also be sorted and verified, this time using the accompanying shipment note. After this process, all goods receive a scanning ticket and are ready for the palettes warehouse or the Maestro system.

Verification of the goods

The quality of the delivered goods is verified by means of a sample survey. First of all, the goods are visually tested using a marking gauge, a micron and a thread caliper. Laboratory tests will also be carried out and registered, i.e. tests on hardness and measurements with a profile projector.

Stocking the goods

After the reception and verification, all delivered goods are assigned a location in the palettes warehouse. They are brought to their location by the means of 2 induction oriented CTX-machines using RF-technology. These appliances follow a strict procedure. The scanning ticket shows on which location the goods need to be placed. Arrived on the right location, the location ticket needs to be scanned, after that the goods can be stocked. From this moment onwards, the goods are available for sale and picking.

Pickings the goods

Each day, we can dispose of 6 order pickers, which follow the strict procedure for picking goods. The picker sees the location where the goods need to be picked on the monitor. Having arrived on the right location, the location ticket is scanned. After that, the number of goods that need to be picked appear on the screen and the goods are picked. The next step is to scan the location ticket another time to confirm. The goods are now picked and the available stock was adapted in the system as well as online.

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