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We, at pgb-Europe, take 'Sustainable entrepreneurship' very serious. We are committed to lend our environment a hand and we can prove it.

What does 'Sustainable entrepreneurship' mean to us?

Well, the sun is at the basis of every green energy source that we know : it makes the wind blow, makes sure that trees and plants are growing, it keeps the water flowing, and much more.

Every year, Flanders gets about 1000 hours of sunshine which can be converted into green energy that is not harmful to the environment. That is why we at pgb-Europe, with the arrival of the new automated warehouse, have decided to invest in 800 solar panels. With this investment we will try to rely on our proper energy to keep our processes working, as well as try to keep our ecological footprint as low as possible.

What else do we do for the environment?

pgb-Europe is aware of it's impact on the environment. Wherever possible, we see to it that our production and products are environmental friendly and recycled.

If possible, our catalogs, flyers and other printed material are printed on paper from well managed production of wood (FSC, CO2 neutral). This enables customers to see that the paper is from controlled forestry and meets the FSC standards.

Furthermore, we seek to minimize the packaging while sending our good, and we also use packaging (cardboard) that is already recycled or can be recycled.

We also sort while receiving goods from our suppliers. Both paper, cardboard and plastic are collected separately.

Finally, we also take into account the different ways of galvanizing. Therefore we make sure that our screws are ChromeVI Free galvanized and are in conformity with the RoHS guidelines.

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