SMART wedge anch STB7 M12x80/1s Zp

pgb article number:  SM07TB0011200803
Brand name:   SMART
Box quantity:   50
EAN code:  5902134250793
Chapter:   Steel
Material:   Steel class 5.8
Packing type:   Carton box
Surface:   zinc plated Cr3+

Technical specifications

drill bit diameter (d0):   12
clearance hole in fixture (df):   14
drill hole depth (h1):   88
eff. anchoring depth (hef):   65
nom. anchoring depth (hnom):   80
width accross flats (SW):   19
installation torque Nm (Tinst):   50 Nm
diameter:   12.00
length:   80.00
nom. anchor depth R (hnom,Red):   65
drill hole depth reduc(h1,red):   73
eff. anchor depth R (hef,Red):   50
fixture thickness R (tfix,Red):   1
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