Sustainable entrepreneurship

'Sustainable entrepreneurship'

No hollow words for pgb-Europe

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We all have the same goal, which is to build sustainably and environmentally consciously. Therefore, "sustainable business" is not a hollow concept for us, but a matter of doing. One of these is to reduce our impact on the environment. On a daily basis, this is how we work to improve our processes and reduce our CO2 impact. Here's how we do it:

Green energy
  • Our 2,400 high-efficiency solar panels reduce CO2 emissions;
  • We are working on an environmentally friendly fleet, equipped with plug-in hybrid and fully electric vehicles;
  • All our offices and warehouses are excellently insulated and equipped with energy-efficient LED lighting.



Environmentally friendly materials
  • Our galvanized and specially coated fasteners are always CrVI-free and ROHS compliant;
  • Our packaging and shipping boxes are made from recycled cardboard;
  • Our business operations are increasingly digitized and we work as paperless as possible;
  • The paper we do still use and with which our catalogs and brochures are printed is FSC-labeled paper.

bluetop coating


Circulair production
  • pgb-Europe is committed to a closed production circuit. Waste and by-products generated during the production process at our factory in Poland are returned to the production chain as much as possible, from materials to the heat released from our machines;
  • We separate waste into plastic, wood, metal and cardboard and are registered with Fost Plus and Valipac for declarations of our product packaging;
  • We minimize the use of packaging within our logistics process