Hapax wood screw with 4Top coating

Premium wood screws

Professionals are always appreciating the range of Hapax wood screws seeing that it offers a unique (patented & ETA-approved) solution thanks to the 'triple head point' and multi-functional nibs under the head (suitable for wood and metal). Now the Hapax wood screw with 4Top coating presents carpenters with an even more premium solution for their outdoor wood projects. It is a carbon steel wood screw finished with the so-called 4Top coating. This is a C4 class coating meaning it offers a highly corrosion-resistant performance. The combination of the strength of the carbon steel wood screw and the C4 coating makes it a very strong and durable product. As a result, the Hapax wood screws with 4Top coating provide an excellent alternative for stainless steel wood screws. It’s the perfect solution for carpenters in need of wood screws in more demanding environments, especially outdoor constructions.

Discover the Hapax wood screw with 4Top coating

Corrosion protection of the highest level

hapax-houtschroef 4top coating

Choosing the right protective coating for wood screws depends on the specific application and environmental conditions to which the screws will be exposed. After all, wood screws face both weather influences and tannic acids in certain types of wood. The 4Top coating is a new protective coating for Hapax screws and provides very high resistance to atmospheric corrosion and aggressive substances that may be present in the wood.

The 4Top coating consists of several layers: an organic coating is applied to the basic galvanizing layer in several coatings totaling at least 15µm, guaranteeing very good corrosion protection. This coating can be used for applications in corrosion class C4 according to ISO 12944-2. In addition, the coating has a low coefficient of friction. This, combined with the special Hapax triple thread point, ensures very light resistance when screwing in. To save time, the recess for screw diameters 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 and 5.0 is unified to a Tx20 stick-fit recess (free bit in each box).

Discover the Hapax wood screw with 4Top coating


Perfect solution for outdoor projects

Say goodbye to the worries of wear and tear! The Hapax wood screw with 4Top coating ensures unmatched durability in outdoor environments. Whether it’s a deck, patio, or garden project, these screws are built to withstand the elements with resilience.

Discover the Hapax wood screw with 4Top coating




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A both durable and ecologically friendly wood screw

We believe in sustainability! The Hapax wood screw with 4Top coating was designed with environmental consciousness in mind. The coating not only protects the screws but also ensures a longer lifetime, reducing the need for replacements and contributing to a greener, more sustainable approach to construction. Not only is the protective coating very durable for the screws, but the 4Top coating is REACH/RoHS-compliant and therefore contains no harmful substances. This makes the Hapax wood screw with 4Top coating both a durable and ecologically friendly wood screw.

Discover the Hapax wood screw with 4Top coating



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Under the Hapax brand, pgb-Europe offers a complete and high-quality range for any professional working in the timber sector. For decking construction, we have developed a complete ecological and sustainable system, from foundations to an aesthetic finish for deck boards.

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