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Product quality and service

In the world of fasteners and accessories, everything hinges on the quality of the product. In many applications, this is the decisive element. This is why pgb-Europe takes the term "product quality" very seriously. In order to meet consistently high quality standards, we first of all subject our suppliers to strict evaluation. We then carry out regular spot checks on incoming goods and, if necessary, we call on an accredited independent laboratory.

Another form of quality, which pgb-Europe considers equally important, is the quality of our services: our customer service, the e-shop and our recent warehouse expansion are just a few examples. Since 2002, pgb-Europe has been ISO 9001 certified. The purpose of the quality system is to increase the quality of our services and products and to increase the efficiency of the company.

At the beginning of 2021, the ISO certificate was renewed.


QC Department

Through an appropriate purchasing policy, we strive to ensure that all purchased material meets the requirements (cfr standard according to DIN, ISO, or according to customer specifications). Based on past performance data and a possible evaluation of suppliers' quality systems, suppliers are approved, approved with reservations or not approved.

Incoming goods may be checked at random. Depending on the type of product, measurements are carried out and a standardised report is drawn up.

Measurements are carried out using the following devices: Fischerscope, Thermo Scientific x-ray, pull-out tester, go and no go calibres, Torque tester, caliper, micrometer, resin gauge, profile projector, wire calibre.



At pgb-Europe, promises do not stop with promises. 'Sustainable business' is therefore no empty statement. Our commitment to the environment is gradually taking shape. And we can prove it.

What does sustainable business mean to us in concrete terms? Well, the sun is the basis of every green energy source we know: it makes the wind blow, makes trees and plants grow, keeps the watercourse going, and much more.

Flanders gets about 1,000 hours of full sunshine a year, and this can be converted into green energy that does not release pollutants into the environment. That is why, with the arrival of the new automated warehouse, we are investing in no less than 2,400 solar panels. Through this, we try to run on autonomous energy as much as possible and try to keep our carbon footprint as small as possible.

Are we also taking the environment into account? Of course, we try to take further account of the environment and our surroundings. For example, we try to make agreements with our partners regarding corporate printing, including catalogues, flyers and other printed items. We ask them to print on paper from well-managed production ( FSC, CO2 neutral ). This allows our customers to see that the paper comes from controlled forest management and complies with FSC standards. 

Furthermore, while shipping our goods, we try to limit packaging material, and in addition, we use packaging material (cardboard) that is already recycled or can be recycled. We also sort while receiving the goods coming from our suppliers. Paper, cardboard and plastic are collected separately.

Finally, we also take into account the different ways of galvanisation. For example, we ensure that our screws are galvanised ChromeVI-free and that they comply with RoHS guidelines.