Your skills, our fasteners

pgb-Europe is known for a very wide range of fasteners and anchors. We mainly carry our own brands, which we have strongly developed over the years, each with its own branding and individuality. We follow developments closely and ensure that our ranges always meet the latest requirements and trends.

Standard fasteners

Our story begins with the brand pgb fasteners. The ubiquitous and distinctive yellow boxes have become a household name in the industry. A guarantee of consistent quality and solidity.

With an article database of over 80,000 references, we offer a wide range of fastening solutions. Thus, we offer the most suitable solution for every customer. The range includes DIN/ISO/EN standardised products such as (construction) bolts, nuts, washers, and threaded rods, but also self-drilling screws, rivets, nails, etc. in various strength classes and thread types.


In addition, pgb-Europe is also your preferred partner for products made to specification. Thanks to our many years of expertise and extensive network, we guarantee the perfect execution of your specific product.


Despite often being low-value products, fasteners are indispensable components for your end product, maintenance and upkeep. That is why we offer you the possibility of setting up and managing your stock in a KanBan system. Various formulas are possible, but in any case, you are assured of constant restocking and peace of mind.


collage pgb fasteners 1300 x 800