Stock management

pgb-Europe stock management

Stock management

A close cooperation with our partners in Europe and in the Far East are the base of a very strict and highly efficienct purchase management and this has lead to a constant delivery degree of 97%. Even for special items and non-standard parts we are able to help you. pgb-fasteners is a team of professionals. Staff knowledge is improved constantly and kept up to date by means of further training. Support from professionals is an advantage when choosing the right connection.

We keep more than 25.000 articles on stock on a storage capacity of 17.000m². New logistic management, including an extension of the existing warehouse and an automatic picking installation allows us to offer you an excellent and punctual delivery. In Aalter, we invested in a buffer warehouse providing us with extra storage capacity of 5.000m². We are now able to store over 15.000 pallets and 60.000 boxes.

Automatic warehouse facility


The bins are scanned and put on the conveyor.
Through the conveyor the boxes reach the automatic warehouse.
 Filled boxes are supplied while empty boxes return.
7 robots put the bins on their locations and pick them.
The automatic warehouse has a storage capacity of 40.000 bin locations.
On full occupation the system can treat 10.000 orderlines per day.

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