Fixations Lindapter

Lindapter steelwork clamping systems

Official Lindapter Distributor for the Benelux

For over 80 years Lindapter® has earned a respected reputation as the pioneer in the design and manufacture of steelwork clamping systems, growing from a modest family business into a reputable global brand by providing a faster, cost-effective alternative to drilling or welding.

Lindapter’s proud heritage began in 1934 when Engineer Henry Lindsay invented an entirely new concept of connecting steelwork with the Lindsay Bolt Adapter, a solution that allowed steel beams to be quickly clamped together, instead of time consuming drilling or welding.

Henry combined the words ‘Lindsay’ and ‘Adapter’ to create the now-famous brand name. Today Lindapter remains true to its roots, by continuing to invent and manufacture high quality products that save steel contractors time and money.

Lindapter’s unique connections can be installed with standard hand tools and allow faster construction, reduced labour costs, on-site adjustability and no damage to steel sections.

Girder clamps

Steel sections are clamped together using high strength connections configured to suit specific requirements without damaging the steelwork, for example, to resist 250kN tensile loading / 70kN slip.

Rail fixings

Sections of rail are safely secured with easy-to-install products such as the Type HD that offers convenient lateral adjustability during installation. 

Lifting point

These assemblies support the lifting or rigging of general equipment. Can be used for single lift situations or permanent applications such as theatre, lighting and rigging units. 

Hollo Bolt

A family of expansion bolts for quickly connecting steel sections to pre-drilled Structural Hollow Section (SHS) that require access to one side only. Products include the Hollo-Bolt® and the Lindibolt®.

Floor fixings

A range of innovative fixings for connecting steel flooring to the supporting steelwork without the need for on-site drilling or welding. Installation can be carried out quickly and safely from above.

Support fixings

Easy-to-install solutions for suspending building services from structural or secondary beams. The adjustability of these products allows pipework and other equipment to be quickly positioned.

Decking fixings

High quality, cost effective connections for building services, designed to fit inside the dovetail re-entrant channel of major decking profiles, this zero-impact method avoids damaging the decking.

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